Thought for the day- Feb 16,2017

All along life, we try to imitate what others are doing/feeling, and one day regret that we didn’t do what WE wanted.


Here it is!!

In many ways it was like a marriage. I chose the bike almost an year ago.. But took my own sweet time to decide. I used to see her sisters and cousins on the streets..all with the same voice. Used to fantasize the big day, but couldnt make up my mind. Finally decided to take the big leap, went ahead and confirmed, Then I started getting cold feet, Not just once. What will people say? Will we get along really well? Are we compatible? What if?? All these common things. Thought of cancelling and settling for an inferior one because of the inherent stability. Then pushed that thought aside. Even thought of cancelling the whole thing and staying single. Rubbished that thought too. Lets go for it, come what may,. I thought. Even on the D-day, thought of calling it off. But didnt. Went ahead. There she was, getting ready, People jazzed her up and gave her hand to me. We traveled 60 km that day, Our first journey together.

Its been 10 days, and I can proudly say that I took the right decision. Everyone admires her.. As for me, well..



Lovely, isnt she?




All about a bike.

Finally. I bit the bullet (pun intended.. even if the phrase is not entirely fitting to the situation! ) and went to check out the bike I wanted to buy since almost an year.. My city doesnt have a Royal Enfield showroom so I had to travel 65 kms to another city, after work. I have to admit it, the bike looked better than I had expected..they have given new touches to it and it looks worth owning.. since this is my first experience with REs, I HAD to take a test drive. And I did. And I couldnt stop myself from smiling after getting off it. I loved it. It didnt have the big thump I had expected but it wasnt smooth either.. I felt proud riding it in the streets..If I may borrow one of TopGear’s quotes about Lamborghini, I’d say its not about driving one, its about being seen in one..:D

I walked back to the bus stand, more than a kilometer, thinking about the test ride I just had.. I couldnt stop smiling again..It felt like you had a crush on someone from a long time, and you just got the chance to walk your crush to her home and you keep smiling and giggling to yourself when you’re returning.. I felt like a child and a man, all at the same time. 

Waiting period is 4 months (I know!) at least, as per the showroom guy. Dunno if I ll be alive till then, and if I am, I’ll be lucky to ride the Thunderbird. 🙂

Now where are my aviators??







Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone!

Boy that would be a dream life! Living a nomadic life in a world which seems to be ever shrinking but still feels like we are confined more and more to our couch or to the pc (or phone or tab, AS YOU LIKE IT). All I’d need would be an endless supply of money wen I need it and I am free to roam! No headaches of managing work and personal life..worrying about bills or broken hopes 🙂

I would travel to Europe, especially Spain, Greece and Italy.. Then Turkey, Brazil, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillipines, Finland, Japan, Peru, Maldives..

I should stop writing this post right now coz I’m feeling so bad I can travel right now. Sad. Peace out. Right now.




Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump|Chained Dreams


The biggest risk I’d like to take –  but haven’t been able to, is to quit my job and do something I really wanted to do as a teenager. Come to think of it, there are actually two dreams that I’d like to chase. One is to prepare full time for my country’s Civil Services exam and crack it..Another is to go abroad and pursue a masters degree course in Avionics or a related stream..

Now to the “why i have not been able to” part. I come from a truly middle class family where our mental ability and the capacity to get and do a job are our sole basis of making a living. Add to this a sense of weird independence that I have got which doesn’t let me take help from anyone, even my parents. So you can imagine why I cant leave my current  job (which isnt bad; people think this is one of the best and most stable jobs in the country) and take the leap of faith. Because that would require money to be able to take care of myself during the dream-chasing part. To get money I’d have to work.. You get the vicious circle..

I’d be gladly taking the leap if I get a source of money to support myself without the job..Like  winning a lottery, or winning in a game show.. That’d set my mind free and I can pursue what i REALLY want.

I know its all wishful thinking but hey I have a right to dream!

P.S. In the photo above I am taking a leap while simultaneously posing for the camera. Photo credits : Shrivatsa Upadhyaya





Daily Prompt: Say Your Name


My name. My name is Vishal, which in many Indian languages means big, broad, vast..and the like. When I tried to find out the meaning of my name on the web, the Wikipedia entry I found out made me feel that i m not living up to my name! I feel a little sad, honestly, and i want to do more that will make me feel worthy of my name..I have had thoughts about changing my name when i was growing up, but i have trashed that idea now for good. I like it the way it is and it feels cool when people call me by name.

I tried to find a photo which could “show” my name, but given the unlimited meaning of the name, i couldnt find one. So i have put up a snap we took in Darjeeling,West Bengal,India instead.