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Movie review! – Resident Evil:Retribution

Another English movie in 3D. I should declare foremost that since I have not watched the earlier four movies of the franchise i dont stand any rights to post an authoritative review of this movie. But hey! this is my blog! who s gonna stop me! >)


To start with this movie was more like a game! shooting everyone..alas i cant blame Mila coz if 98 of the 100 people you see are zombies and the only thought in their heads is to kill you, you dont have any choice than to make them eat lead. Now to the plot. Mila wakes up as a very normal homemaker in a suburban area. She gets her daughter and husband ready for the day and then all hell breaks loose. No really! Enter an army of zombies and she gets killed in the chase only to wake up again as herself.. once she gets into her black tights and gets her hands on guns there is just no stopping her! Meanwhile a team is sent to extract her from the artificial environment she is in. After the usual chases and fights and dying of few good men, our Mila succeeds in bringing her daughter out successfully, only to set up another bossfight with Michelle Rodriguez (man is she masculine!). After getting rid of her, Mila reaches the white house and Wesker injects her with i-dont-know-what. Then they all stand atop the white house to pose for the last cliche scene!

Its a punishment for me that i am forced to watch dubbed movies.. i wonder why it wasnt named Gharelu Shaitan.. :O on that note i should apply for whatever organisation that dubs these movies..B)


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