Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots – He wanted her to trust that he knew what to do!

Now its a known fact that men are like “if it aint broke, dont fix it” kind of beings. Charlie Sheen went a step further and said “if it IS broke, who gives a rat’s ass!”  The point is that men dont want to be told what to do, especially when things are going haywire and especially by women. They would like to try things out and arrive at the solution, where the all important adjective is ‘independently’. They take a sense of pride in solving problems by themselves. Its a matter of shame to them to ask for help or directions. They might allow minute inputs from fellow men but suggestions from women are a strict no-no.

If only women knew this fact. They generally enjoy suggesting solutions and alternatives. Even though men show subtle signs of displeasure, women blissfully continue to dish out their thoughts. Women mean no harm in doing this but it inevitably turns into an argument about capabilities .This is something that has happened for centuries and is likely to continue for few more until something happens (like the world ending this December :0 ).



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