Daily Prompt: Dear Mom..

Dear ma,

words like love, affection etc dont even cut it when it comes to tell you what i feel for you. I have always admired you, albeit silently over the years. It is said that boys are closer to their moms than dads. Its true in mooost of the cases and so is it with me.I admire you for your beauty..I admire you for your courage, your multitasking capacity.. and most of all your patience. If  i were you i would have kicked everyone out of the family long ago! Yet you have been so much accommodating and forgiving, i cant even start to imagine where you get so much patience. Its Divine. Really.

You know all this too, even if i haven’t spoken it out. Its a bit awkward to talk like this.Call it,say, male ego. But I’m really glad that you know. 🙂

I ve tried to be as good as possible to you, to reciprocate at least a fraction of the love and care you show towards me. I ve been bad sometimes, hurt you on some occasions,but please know that i regret all those occasions. I try to be as good as you, and i am thankful that you taught me how nice it is to be to nice to people, even those who have been unkind to us.

I love you so much ma, if a day should come, i will take a bullet for you. I should only be so lucky. 🙂


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