Are you happy??

When you know what you have is not what you want, the next step is to find out what you really want. That, is not as easy as said.most of us dont try to find out what we want, and worse, we put it off to someday when we can supposedly think about it in leisure, with a ‘calm’ mind. That ‘someday’ never  arrives and with each passing day we go deeper into the spiral wondering where it all went wrong, where should we have changed course or that we should have taken a stand much earlier.Think about it. If you are not happy about where/what you are now, the thing you should be doing is to find out what would make you happy.And travel in that direction without any further delay..

There is a chance that the place you reach may not make you feel as you had imagined. But dont give up yet.Dont dismiss your journey as an effort in vain. Even though what you got didnt make you happier as you believed,it made you take a step out of the rut you were already in. It made you believe that you are capable of change and consequently that you will, one day, find out your true calling. Till then, you just have to clench your jaws and keep  moving.


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