Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump|Chained Dreams


The biggest risk I’d like to take –  but haven’t been able to, is to quit my job and do something I really wanted to do as a teenager. Come to think of it, there are actually two dreams that I’d like to chase. One is to prepare full time for my country’s Civil Services exam and crack it..Another is to go abroad and pursue a masters degree course in Avionics or a related stream..

Now to the “why i have not been able to” part. I come from a truly middle class family where our mental ability and the capacity to get and do a job are our sole basis of making a living. Add to this a sense of weird independence that I have got which doesn’t let me take help from anyone, even my parents. So you can imagine why I cant leave my current  job (which isnt bad; people think this is one of the best and most stable jobs in the country) and take the leap of faith. Because that would require money to be able to take care of myself during the dream-chasing part. To get money I’d have to work.. You get the vicious circle..

I’d be gladly taking the leap if I get a source of money to support myself without the job..Like  winning a lottery, or winning in a game show.. That’d set my mind free and I can pursue what i REALLY want.

I know its all wishful thinking but hey I have a right to dream!

P.S. In the photo above I am taking a leap while simultaneously posing for the camera. Photo credits : Shrivatsa Upadhyaya





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