All about a bike.

Finally. I bit the bullet (pun intended.. even if the phrase is not entirely fitting to the situation! ) and went to check out the bike I wanted to buy since almost an year.. My city doesnt have a Royal Enfield showroom so I had to travel 65 kms to another city, after work. I have to admit it, the bike looked better than I had expected..they have given new touches to it and it looks worth owning.. since this is my first experience with REs, I HAD to take a test drive. And I did. And I couldnt stop myself from smiling after getting off it. I loved it. It didnt have the big thump I had expected but it wasnt smooth either.. I felt proud riding it in the streets..If I may borrow one of TopGear’s quotes about Lamborghini, I’d say its not about driving one, its about being seen in one..:D

I walked back to the bus stand, more than a kilometer, thinking about the test ride I just had.. I couldnt stop smiling again..It felt like you had a crush on someone from a long time, and you just got the chance to walk your crush to her home and you keep smiling and giggling to yourself when you’re returning.. I felt like a child and a man, all at the same time. 

Waiting period is 4 months (I know!) at least, as per the showroom guy. Dunno if I ll be alive till then, and if I am, I’ll be lucky to ride the Thunderbird. 🙂

Now where are my aviators??







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