Here it is!!

In many ways it was like a marriage. I chose the bike almost an year ago.. But took my own sweet time to decide. I used to see her sisters and cousins on the streets..all with the same voice. Used to fantasize the big day, but couldnt make up my mind. Finally decided to take the big leap, went ahead and confirmed, Then I started getting cold feet, Not just once. What will people say? Will we get along really well? Are we compatible? What if?? All these common things. Thought of cancelling and settling for an inferior one because of the inherent stability. Then pushed that thought aside. Even thought of cancelling the whole thing and staying single. Rubbished that thought too. Lets go for it, come what may,. I thought. Even on the D-day, thought of calling it off. But didnt. Went ahead. There she was, getting ready, People jazzed her up and gave her hand to me. We traveled 60 km that day, Our first journey together.

Its been 10 days, and I can proudly say that I took the right decision. Everyone admires her.. As for me, well..



Lovely, isnt she?




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