Daily Prompt: Turn, Turn, Turn | Not summer for sure!

Well I like winter.. and rainy.. given the way temperatures rise in most part of India, you ll be thankful that summer comes only once a year! I used to like summer, back when it mean two months worth of holidays from school.. but later in college and now at work, summer is actually a hard time.. I like to snuggle in my blanket in winter or watch the rain in rainy season, sometimes even go out and get drenched.. another wonderful experience is riding a motorbike in rain. There’s just no match to it! Pure exhilaration!!


Are you happy??

When you know what you have is not what you want, the next step is to find out what you really want. That, is not as easy as said.most of us dont try to find out what we want, and worse, we put it off to someday when we can supposedly think about it in leisure, with a ‘calm’ mind. That ‘someday’ never  arrives and with each passing day we go deeper into the spiral wondering where it all went wrong, where should we have changed course or that we should have taken a stand much earlier.Think about it. If you are not happy about where/what you are now, the thing you should be doing is to find out what would make you happy.And travel in that direction without any further delay..

There is a chance that the place you reach may not make you feel as you had imagined. But dont give up yet.Dont dismiss your journey as an effort in vain. Even though what you got didnt make you happier as you believed,it made you take a step out of the rut you were already in. It made you believe that you are capable of change and consequently that you will, one day, find out your true calling. Till then, you just have to clench your jaws and keep  moving.


Daily Prompt: Dear Mom..

Dear ma,

words like love, affection etc dont even cut it when it comes to tell you what i feel for you. I have always admired you, albeit silently over the years. It is said that boys are closer to their moms than dads. Its true in mooost of the cases and so is it with me.I admire you for your beauty..I admire you for your courage, your multitasking capacity.. and most of all your patience. If  i were you i would have kicked everyone out of the family long ago! Yet you have been so much accommodating and forgiving, i cant even start to imagine where you get so much patience. Its Divine. Really.

You know all this too, even if i haven’t spoken it out. Its a bit awkward to talk like this.Call it,say, male ego. But I’m really glad that you know. 🙂

I ve tried to be as good as possible to you, to reciprocate at least a fraction of the love and care you show towards me. I ve been bad sometimes, hurt you on some occasions,but please know that i regret all those occasions. I try to be as good as you, and i am thankful that you taught me how nice it is to be to nice to people, even those who have been unkind to us.

I love you so much ma, if a day should come, i will take a bullet for you. I should only be so lucky. 🙂


Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory – My Own Obituary – So Long, World!


Vishal Mathad, aged 62, passed away today. The cause of death was, well, extraordinary. Being an avid fan of skydiving, he strangely chose the same passion to end his illustrious life. It is learnt from reports that his chute failed to open, and he hit the ground at a speed of a hundred kmph. Wonder if he was booked by the traffic police before he was taken to the morgue 😉 Anyway, as per a letter found at his home,written by him, he had lived his life well and considered he should stop being dharti ka boj , an ideal cherished by him since his  early adulthood. Well, we hope he has a good time in another world!


Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots – He wanted her to trust that he knew what to do!

Now its a known fact that men are like “if it aint broke, dont fix it” kind of beings. Charlie Sheen went a step further and said “if it IS broke, who gives a rat’s ass!”  The point is that men dont want to be told what to do, especially when things are going haywire and especially by women. They would like to try things out and arrive at the solution, where the all important adjective is ‘independently’. They take a sense of pride in solving problems by themselves. Its a matter of shame to them to ask for help or directions. They might allow minute inputs from fellow men but suggestions from women are a strict no-no.

If only women knew this fact. They generally enjoy suggesting solutions and alternatives. Even though men show subtle signs of displeasure, women blissfully continue to dish out their thoughts. Women mean no harm in doing this but it inevitably turns into an argument about capabilities .This is something that has happened for centuries and is likely to continue for few more until something happens (like the world ending this December :0 ).


movie reviews

Movie Review: SKYFALL

Am writing this post late coz I couldnt find free time as I was busy working for MI6. Duh.

Lets face it, we all go and watch a bond movie out of loyalty and not because it seems good, great or mind blowing in the trailer. If it was otherwise, the franchise would have tumbled and ended after Quantum of Solace. But, alas, this is not the case and everyone loves Bond and would like to give him another chance.

Skyfall does a good job at reviving the franchise at this special juncture of 50 years of Bond. The movie opens with Bond chasing a baddie with Eve (Naomi Harris) through busy streets which then develops into a bike chase. Bond almost had the baddie when M orders Eve to shoot at the grappling duo, the risk of Bond being shot notwithstanding. Bond gets shot and falls down the bridge into the river. Even as  his obituary is being written, M faces some hacks apparently digging up her past. Bond returns to report to duty (how he survives the bullet wound and the fall-from-a-waterfall, remains a mystery) and is taken back after fitness tests. He is sent to Macau to retrieve the details of undercover agents and later meets Severine (Berenise Marlohe). Another mystery is that  where the hell are the bond girls?? these two women have minimal screen time and we are left longing for more..

Enter Javier Bardem. He strikes the note as the brilliant-but-now-turned-psycho villain Silva with his menacing dialogues and manners. Somehow Bond manages to get him captured and returns to the HQ. Wait a minute. Whatever happened to Severine?? was she left on the island to die??

Silva scares the hell out of M storms out of his containment cell. An attempt to hack Silva’s laptop unleashes a virus which helps him escape. His target undoubtedly is to finish M. Bond gets on to another chase and gets M to a manor where he spent his childhood. Much to our dismay, Bond chooses to give the gadgets a pass this time and plans to counter the villain the good old way.  This is where the plot goes out of line and seems to look like a Home Alone movie. You get the picture.

Lots of ammo and bombs later, Bond manages to kill Silva but M dies of a gunshot wound from the earlier fight in the manor. (Tears)

Two pleasant surprises in the end. Eve’s surname turns out to be Moneypenny and Ralph Fiennes is the new M. I kind of felt bad that an actor of his caliber didnt have more screen space but we can expect to see more of him in forthcoming bond movies.. Credit also goes to Daniel Craig for his resilient acting.

In all, I felt if the second half was as gritty as the first, this would have turned out to be a very good movie. But it wasnt and I though am not disappointed, am not going to stop watching future bond movies.


movie reviews

Movie review! – Resident Evil:Retribution

Another English movie in Hindi..plus 3D. I should declare foremost that since I have not watched the earlier four movies of the franchise i dont stand any rights to post an authoritative review of this movie. But hey! this is my blog! who s gonna stop me! >)


To start with this movie was more like a game! shooting everyone..alas i cant blame Mila coz if 98 of the 100 people you see are zombies and the only thought in their heads is to kill you, you dont have any choice than to make them eat lead. Now to the plot. Mila wakes up as a very normal homemaker in a suburban area. She gets her daughter and husband ready for the day and then all hell breaks loose. No really! Enter an army of zombies and she gets killed in the chase only to wake up again as herself.. once she gets into her black tights and gets her hands on guns there is just no stopping her! Meanwhile a team is sent to extract her from the artificial environment she is in. After the usual chases and fights and dying of few good men, our Mila succeeds in bringing her daughter out successfully, only to set up another bossfight with Michelle Rodriguez (man is she masculine!). After getting rid of her, Mila reaches the white house and Wesker injects her with i-dont-know-what. Then they all stand atop the white house to pose for the last cliche scene!

Its a punishment for me that i am forced to watch dubbed movies.. i wonder why it wasnt named Gharelu Shaitan.. :O on that note i should apply for whatever organisation that dubs these movies..B)


one of those days..

Came late yest.. at 1 am. It was one of those days when you think it cant get any worse. But just then, life laughs maniacally, and says”oh yeah? try this!”. Hands and legs full of work, everyone asking for updates from all possible directions, all the ingredients that would be just enough to drive you mad. To top all that, my name was missing from the cab list! Managed to find one with a vacancy and reached home. Slept at 2:30.